My Academic Journey

I am a mathematician working in higher learning and research since last more than Twenty years. I have been associated with number of institutions [in India and abroad] in different capacities such as Research Fellow, Post Doctoral Fellow, Research Scientist, Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor, Honorary Professor, Visiting Professor, Chair Professor, Scientific Adviser, Academic Visitor etc. Currently, I am working as Scientist and Professor of Mathematics.

Selected Academic Visits

I have visited following institutions for the purpose of my academic / research works:

* University of Oxford, England, U.K., 2018

 *National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi, India, 2018

* Jadavpur University, India, 2017

* University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2017

* Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India, 2017

* Indian Institute of Science, India, 2017

* University of Oxford, England, U.K., 2016

* Stiftung Universitat Hildesheim, Germany, 2014

* Julius-Maximilians-Universitat, Germany, 2014 

* University of Oxford, England, U.K., 2013

* Madda Walabu University, Ethiopia, 2012

* Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2012

* DST GOI Centre for Mathematical Sciences, India, 2011

* International Centre for Mathematical Meetings, CIRM, Marseille, France, 2010

* ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Switzerland, 2008

* Jamia Millia Islamia, India, 2007

* Franklin & Marshall, Lancaster, USA, 2007
* The Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2007

* International Academy of Bisosciences, India, 2004

* International Scientific Research and Welfare Organization (ISRWO), India, 2003

* University of Hyderabad, India, 2003

* Sardar Patel University, India, 2002

* University of Delhi, India, 1999

* University of Gorakhpur, India, 1995

Publications [215 +]

[1]. Selected Research Papers 

[appeared in scientific journals of : U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Russia, Australia, Korea, Jorden, Chile, Singapore, China and India etc.]

*H. M. Srivastava, M.P. Chaudhary and Sangeeta Chaudhary : A family of theta  function identities related to Jacobi’s  triple-product identity. , Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2019.

*H. M. Srivastava, M.P. Chaudhary and Sangeeta Chaudhary : Some theta function identities related to Jacobi’s  triple-product identity, Eur. J. Pure Appl. Math, 11 (1) (2018), 1-9. 

*M.P. Chaudhary and Jorge Luis Cimadevilla Villacorta : Representations of certain theta function identities in terms of combinatorial partition identities,  Far East J. Math. Sci., 102(8)(2017) 1605-16011.

* M.P. Chaudhary, Sangeeta Chaudhary and Junesang Choi : Note on character formulas, Honam Math.J., 38(2016) 809-818. 

*M.A. Shpot, M.P. Chaudhary and R.B. Paris: Integrals of products of Hurwitz zeta functions, J. Classical Analysis, 9(2)(2016) 99-115.

* M.P. Chaudhary and Junesang Choi : Certain identities associated with character formulas, continued fractions and combinatorial partition, identities, East Asian Math. J. (32)(5)(2016) 609-619.

* M.P. Chaudhary and Junesang Choi : Representations of Ramanujan continued fraction in terms of combinatorial partition identities, Honam Math. J.(38)(2016) 367-37 

*  M.P.  Chaudhary and Junesang Choi : Note on modular relations for Roger-Ramanujan type identities and representations for Jacobi identities, East Asian Math. J. (31)(5)(2015) 659-665.

* H. M. Srivastava and M.P. Chaudhary : Some relationships between q-product identities, combinatorial partition identities and continued-fraction identities, Adv. Stud. Contemp. Math. 25 (2015), 265-272

*Yong Sup Kim, M.P. Chaudhary and Arjun K. Rathie : On sums of certain classes of series, Commun. Korean Math. Soc., 27 (2012), No.4, 745-751.

* M.P. Chaudhary : A simple solution of some integrals given by Srinivasa Ramanujan, Resonance : Journal of Science Education (13)(9)(2008) 882-884.

[2]. Selected General Articles

* M.P. Chaudhary et al : Building a mountain in the Netherlands,, 2012

*  M.P. Chaudhary : Engineering and technology graduates in India, University Today, New Delhi, January 01, 2010, page 21.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : A Tribute to H. J. Bhabha on his birth century, University Today, New Delhi, September 01, 2009, page 07.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : Development of scientific and research institutions in India, University Today, New Delhi, November 01, 2009, page 07.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : Scrapping of NET: necessity or a tool to promote political stooges, University Today, New Delhi, June15, 2007, page 06.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : Deteriorating quality of research in India, University Today, New Delhi, March 01, 2006, page 12.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : E. Galois and group theory, The Vedic Path, 12(4) (2004) 50-56.

*. M.P. Chaudhary & M.M. Bajaj : Bharat Mei Govadh: Etihash ki drishti se, Godhan, September 2004, 11-14 & November 2004, 13-16.

*. M.P. Chaudhary : Bhartiya Kal Garana, Vigyan, July 2004, 4 - 6.

*. M.P. Chaudhary & M.M. Bajaj : Non-violence in context of different religion of the world, Godhan, July 2004, 7-8.

[3]. Selected Books and Monographs

I have written 40 books and monographs on different subjects including mathematics, general science, Indian higher education, computer science, life history of eminent scientists and scholars, police and society, administration, woman problems etc. 

* M.P. Chaudhary : Certain Aspects of Special Functions and Integral Operators, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2014. ISBN:978-3-659-64399-6.

* M.P. Chaudhary : Advanced Pure Mathematics, Piyush Book Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, (2003).

* M.P. Chaudhary : Advanced Applied Mathematics, Piyush Book Publication Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, (2003).

(Dedicated to Late Sri Chaudhary Charan Singh, Former Prime Minister, Govt. of India)

* M.P. Chaudhary : Development in Mathematical Sciences, Creative Zone, Delhi, (2003).

* M.P. Chaudhary : Modern Vedic Mathematics, Piyush Book Publication Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, (2005).

* M.P. Chaudhary :  Applied Mathematics for Polytechnic, Piyush Book Publication Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, (2006).


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